Change is a given. Sometimes we want it. Sometimes we don't. Still, when it doesn't happen and it's wanted, it can be as painful as when we weren't expecting it...           


How long did it take you to read that statement?

Most people do in 3-5 seconds. Would it surprise you to learn that it is on average the same amount of time a home buyer scrolling through a search decides if they will consider your property?

How do I know this? I observed it over and over again. As a matter of fact it has shortened. It was 5-10 seconds in 2011 when I first started timing it. That was when I noticed that the internet, mobile devices and phones really had taken over as the place for first showings.

I started back then to tell agents that they needed to step-up their online presentation in order to do their seller's justice.  Some did,  but many didn't.  I know because they would call me asking for help marketing a property they couldn't move.

I stopped doing that for agents. Now  I only do that for sellers.

To this day I am frustrated when I see a poor presentation of a property. Since doing it right not only helps the seller sell, the buyer buy, but it helps us as agents when the tools we have at our disposal are utilized correctly.

If you're only testing the market then I am not the right agent for you. There are plenty of options out there for you which will be a better fit.  The W&B Real Estate Team

 If though you are serious about selling then give us a call



The W&B Real Estate Team

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