Chris&CoCo 2015
“We believe in putting our clients’ interests above our own. It’s in our disclosure statement. And it’s how we work. For each seller and for every buyer.”
— The W&B Real Estate Team

The Innovators

Some realtors get out in front of the trends…while others trail behind. As an innovators in real estate marketing, Chris Kramer-Nesbitt and CoCo Boden have a reputation for an ability to know exactly what approach will sell a property. This ability to hone in on how a property can be best marketed is why even other real estate agents follow their lead.

They have a ongoing commitment to maintaining  one of the most innovative real estate marketing teams in S.E. Wisconsin. In an industry which has become increasingly technology-driven, Chris, CoCo and their team  bring a sophisticated aesthetic to their savvy methods of marketing properties.

What’s the secret to selling fast and selling at or above the asking price, Chris?

Understanding buyer behavior is the key to successful selling.  Most buyers make up their mind up in seconds, deciding whether they want to visit the property or entirely rule it out based on what they see on their phones, laptops or tablets. How that property comes across to buyers digitally determines whether they will consider an actual walk-through.

What’s the goal, Chris, when you promise to bring a visual esthetic to marketing properties?

Our process is not ‘one-size-fits-all’.  Assessing the lifestyle and even the essence of any property is the critical first step, then determining how to convey that both visually and mentally. We don’t want buyers to just look at pictures of rooms, floors, fireplaces and yards, we want them to ‘feel’ a lifestyle, envision themselves in it, and be captivated by the attributes of property.

Why is great photography so important to a quick, high-priced sale, CoCo?

While we use standard tools such as social media and video, we use only professional photography carefully planned to help buyers imagine a potential lifestyle there. In addition to other strategic techniques, we also know that lifestyle descriptions will succeed over the usual room and amenity listings.  

Is investing in multi-family properties a wise move in today’s marketplace, Chris?

Multi-family properties have the best long-term, cash-on-cash return.  Most duplexes on the market today can earn an investor 15 percent or more on their investment; some can even bring in as much as a 35 percent. There are few other investments – including the stock market-- that can keep up with those numbers, and will show clients simple formulas that illustrate how investing in real estate is a sound financial decision.

How important are smart digital techniques to successful selling, Chris?

If the virtual showing and first read of what the home offers fails, that property never has a chance. Buyers will make snap judgements as to the lifestyle a property offers − based not only what they’re shown, but also on things that aren’t even visible.  That’s why we consider ourselves true innovators – because we know how to use digital to get inside the heads of buyers.