SOLD!!!!! Brookfield Custom Home will give you Plank Envy

Walk the Plank! I would love to... but then who wouldn't!

Everybody wants that rich and rare look from the pages of Ethan Allen and Wayfair, online at Houzz or even on display at the Architectural Digest Show and this house delivers it!

At 19550 Killarney Way you'll find one of the few custom homes designed by Bob Lang outside of Delafield.

It is here that every designer from Valdimir Kagan to Bunny Williams would love to see their furnishing's.

Here's why. Immediately upon entering you can see the extraordinary quality and timeless balance incorporated in to the home.

The wide plank pine flooring which flows throughout the house is seen in stunning homes from L.A. to London but is a rare artistic find in the Midwest.  Though never out of style, this classic craftsman feature is all the rage again as highlighted on Pinterest.

The appeal for the flooring is that it creates a expansive flow from room to room accommodating any owner’s personal tastes. 

This style of flooring remains the height of Interior Fashion because it embraces a wide range of tastes.  

Today, many homeowners and designers have to settle for the manufactured version because the cost alone for the real wood makes it unattainable. Unfortunately, manufactured flooring can't provide the artistic variation. It is only the real wood that can be stained lighter or darker depending personal taste thus allowing change without replacement.


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